Monday, October 14, 2013

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Ifeanyi Joshua Ezekwe
Thanks to the vision and dedication of Ifeanyi Joshua Ezekwe, left, AAEA has been operating in Nigeria since 20005.

He established the AAEA Nigeria Office in downtown Lagos, Nigeria and we couldn't be happier to have a presence on the continent. 

Democracy is fragile in Nigeria and the oil export situation is becoming more controversial for American corporations and the average Nigerian citizen.

AAEA-U.S. had the pleasure of meeting with Owens Wiwa, brother of the legendary, assasinated environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, several years ago to discuss conditions in Nigeria. Owens and his family also enjoyed a tour of the Chesapeake Bay on the AAEA boat. The struggles of the Ogoni people continue today. America intends to import more oil from Nigeria. Nigeria is a wonderful country with a large population and a growing economy. We will work to enhance the environment of Nigerians while promoting increased cooperation with America. Thanks Joshua. We appreciate your great work.

The service containing our AAEA Nigeria website cease operations and we lost all of the information contained on that site.  Bear with us as we provide more content going forward.

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